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baby , its the new me !
Sunday, September 26, 2010 0 typ'ng[s]

Ehem ehem , hey now i'm try be my own self  . 
Because i gone although difficullties in my life ,
now , i'm trying to open a new book in my life . 
Dear god , it may be painfull but i'm trying my best to help myself , 
and also my parents n my lovely friends whom help me in all sort of problems.
Thanks alot guys n babes for helping me , 
you people are really kind to me . 
Love you peeps alot tau tau . HHA 
But , one day i hope i will be taken , 
mybe it won't be now , but laterr . 
Boys not only 1 . 
but there are more than 1 , there will hundreds or thousands !
Yeeahh , baby i won't give up in my life okay.
I love the way i am , don't u judge my style or whatever . 
Oh my gosshh , for peeps who hate me ,
i'm sorry dog , ur jelous of my style of living .
So don't ever judge me or my style .
I really love the way i am now ! 
Ohh yeahh ! . i just love it , because i have my family n my friends . 
YEAHHH . haha . 
N one more thing-thing .