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err bie .
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 0 typ'ng[s]

Yes bie , i started missing you when we last dated . err . i don't know y meyhh . I think i'm totally in love with you eventhought we're still new & fresh .Bie , i just want you to know , that i love you more that you know . Err, i pena ckp gan u yg i gile kan u kann , i tak tipu. Seriusly kodd, i pun tatahu kenape i cepad sayangg seseorang tuhh , mybe my heart's wants you la sayangg. Bie, saya perlukan awak sangat'sangat tauu . Awak , tolong jgn tinggalkn saya. i do really in love with you . I nak serius dlm relation ney . Bie , please sayangg . I need you alot . Can you right ? ehmm .