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Adek , i'm so sorry plus i'm miss you damm.
Friday, November 12, 2010 0 typ'ng[s]

                                                                                                                                about this cute girl , her name is shazni . 
She's my lovely little sister . Btw , i pena cite pasal die , n now again . sbb , tadi aku ckp kat fb post yg die mghilang , teros die ckp aku tak perlukan die lagik . if not you , i would not be strong to stay alive la adek , you banyak nasihat kat i kan adek . adek , ur one of the most adek angkat that i like very much . but bile adek ckp tadi , teros dari keluar air mate i tao , snggup kot adek ckp mcm tuh . yah  , i know i was buzy lately , it does'nt meant by forgetting you adek . adek , if you don't know i how much i sayang i think you better know it , i sayang you sangat'sangat tao . hati i susa sangat bile tgk you sedih or what , tapi if you sedih , mmg you akan cite gan i , i would very happy to hear it adek . adek  ,kite pena trsrmpak skaly , i wanted to hug youu kot , but depan orangg , malu gitu , haihh--'i rindduu you sangat kot , even nak taip blog neii i trsebak kot nak taip , i just can't continue but i'm trying ,i'm trying to be strong adek , sbb i sayang you sgt kot , err . thanks for makin me cry ye adek . :)i hope ur happy now , no matter how u hate me or what , i will be supporting you no matter whatever comes . last word , i hope understand , plus ISAYANGYOUADEK . :(