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What's wronnggggggggg ?
Friday, January 21, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

i'm STRESSINGGGGGGG myselff ! 
what the hell is goin onnn ! 
apedah jadi gan akuu , apesall tetibe aku nk nagis tak tntu pasal , 
psl laki yg tak gune tuh kea? 
hello nikk ! die tak brguna tok kauuuuu ! 
i have to move onn , how can i just stay with the PAST ?
lifee has to move on to dear me , 
i just one someone to be beside me , but who could that bee ? 
Youu ? ofcourse not right ? 
korang ade bf , korang ade mslh sndri , korng sibukk right ? 
takan aku nak kacauu korang setiap mase kann ? 
i can settle this , i wanna be myself ,
don't you judge me if you're wrong too ! 
understood you duuummASSS!
i am nik ,& i can go though all these okayy !