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I feel like im in a never ending nightmare
Saturday, March 26, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

I keep trying to wake up, but this shit will never end. I feel like i’m being suffocated, and you’re just watching me die, laughing at me. I just don’t want to believe any of this is happening. I don’t feel like this is really happening, i’m never going to be able to hold you in my arms; i’m never going to be able to kiss you again. All the things I loved to do with you I won’t be able to do anymore. I can barely even stand in my basement without wanting to cry. I can’t even sleep in my own bed without wanting to cry. I hate knowing the fact that i’m practically dying inside while you’re off living your life. I wish this affected you as much as it does me. I feel like i’m walking down a never ending hallway of pain and suffering, and it only gets worse from here. I just want to wake up and be laying in your arms once more. Why does this have to be so hard? I just want to crawl into bed, for years and never look at the light of day again. I’m trying hard to stay strong, but its hard when you miss the person you love the most in life this much. Why cant you just realize that I would do anything to be with you again, and i hate myself so much for saying it, but I cant fight the truth. I miss you, and I already want you back with me, so I can feel some kind of goddamn emotion other than feeling so fucking empty inside.