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I'm not perfect
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

whatever, I’m not perfect.
I can’t swim nor run.
I can’t sing or play the guitar.
I can’t laugh and that’s just the way people are.

I can’t curl my hair into some red carpet style.
I can’t fit in the right size if i wanted to.
I can’t dance to the salsa and move to the groov
I can’t fix a broken computer or learn how to cook

I cant live my life without knowing my imperfections.but i know that life isn’t the most important thing, or what you can or can not do.what really matters Is that your not a slim curvy perfect barbie doll. And accept that.but just realize that there are SO many people that think your smart and handsome.

Im not trying to say this to a specific person but i love you ,not matter what color you are or what your nationality is, just letting you know that i love you