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Wednesday, April 20, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

my darling boo , you going away not to long right . 1 bulan you takan ade disisi i , walauwehh . its to hard for me . but i will try to be calm . you akan tinggalkan i sayang , im gonna miss you like HELL :( you are always been there for me when ever i need you. you knoww ): anything can be change in 1 month right ? grr , harap'2 1 bukan tuh takan lama kannn ?  sayang , i want you to know , i will also be beside you when you need me okay <3

P/S :Distance shouldn't have mattered just because it changed. We were best friends. That's what mattered.
THAT should have never changed.The ones who are real. The ones you love and care deeply, no matter what. The ones who got your back through thick and thin. Doesn’t matter, they are just there all the time, for you and you are there for them.