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Two hearts
Thursday, April 7, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Two. A pair.
Two of them. 
Two of us.
Two people. 
Two friends? 
Two lovers? 
Two . somethings. 
And what are we exactly?
More than friends, less than one.
One union, that is.
Less than a couple, more than strangers .?
Yet we do not know one another. There are obvious secrets that have not been voiced. 
But we are not strangers…
A purposed pair? 
God brought us together, but to do what?
Two voices. One loud, one strong.
Two minds. Powerful, yet weak.
Two souls. One out of tune…
What are we?
.. Two hearts.
Two hearts that laugh and love, that beat together . For what?
I do not know. 
But, we are. Two hearts.