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wanna try :)
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

okay awak  sekarang nih , saya nak cuba lupakan awak . lupakan semua tentang apa yang kita pernah lalui , ape yang i bagitahuu dekat you tentang perasaan i semua , sebab i tahu sangat i tak layak untuk you . we can be friends right ? yeah , we can i hope . hmm , i have to move on . i can't stay like this for the whole life right ? you dont even know what i have sacrifice for you right ? i hope you might not know till the end of the day . you , i nak move on , tapi sometimes i asyik teringat dekat you , i dont know why should i . haihhh , i meant nothing to you ! why should i keep on thinking about youuuuu ha ! okay i will try to forget about the LOVE part and start the FREINDSHIP part okay ? :)