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What a girl wants :)
Friday, June 17, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

this is a post which i read in a website :) its about what a girl wants :)
' So, I’d just like to make clear that i will not forever post about “Love”. Though tonight I am extremely frustrated. Why do girls like bad boys? The ones that hurt them most, the ones that pull them in then let them go without warning. But forever complain about how they want a good one. When in reality they don’t at all. They want a boy who tells them how it is, who’s a challenge for them. They want someone who makes them feel safe, someone a little edgey. They don’t want a super sweet Mr. Prince charming, Face it. They want someone who to fight with and have angry make up *** , and then call them beautiful in the morning.
so is this what a girl wants ? i guess we have to think properly before make any FULLSTOP :)