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Sunday, July 31, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Yesterday was 3072011 i went to hangout with my friends at CS.
I moved to cs around 12.30 with my friend SIVA :) He wanted to go to singapore so he followed me to cs first . When i reached cs i meet with my lil sis Indah and her boyfriend Syafril , then i waited for Nina and when she arrived i was like ' who is this girl ??! ' Nina looks hot in her new hair style :)) Then when all of us got together and we all when to JB centrel to get Shahir and Wawa  , but then wawa arrived first . Then we went to MCD level 2 to get Shahir and Adam but the not really fun part is Amar is not coming :'\ . Auw , Nina and Shahir wasss sweeeeeet <3 Love it . Then around 3 we went Plaza seni rooftop but then we all felt bored and we moved to Istana Garden . It was fun eventhough its hot . Haha , i did some shoot's for them hihi . Seriouslly it was fun , then we make silly jokes haha . Around 6 we went back to CS to meet Tyra , Wawa , Nyonyah , Ahui , Aizat and many more of them . Then later Nina , Indah , Shahir & Adam went back around 6.30 . I miss him boncet . And i spend some time with nyonyah and around 9 i went back homeeeeeee <3 Eventhough we're sad nor having problem but we do still have fun right u'olssssssssssss <3 Jyehaaa , here some picture's :)

Indah Fbi
Nina arden & Indah
Me yooooooo !
Adam #Shahir's friend
 Indah & Syafril
Nik Xiao
 Pffffffffft not ready !
Oh her eyes her eyes 
SheHot <3
My model <3
The background <3
Oh youuuuuu !
The photographer :) Neyzam
 They are sweeeet ! Love this picture of thier's <3
 Pft , my hair dont stay in one place:)
 They are tired to #Shahir mukaa , haha

They belong to me <3
They are my BEST EVER people <3