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Crying again & again
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

You , sumpah i miss you alot . More than words could ever describe lahh ><Please be back again with me , be friends with me . Your being far away , i know it because of me you fought with her right ?Im sorry for everything , tell me what you want and i'll be ready to do anything just for you .Only for you ! 
There was a saying #Smile even though he's breaking your heart. Smile even though it's tearing you apart '.Yes , im smiling but till when ? I can't really stand the pain as you know .Sumpah sakit you buat i macam nihh , you tak pikir kan ? I tahu you penat , penat nak jaga hatii i , but hati die ?I know you love her so much , but you dont know what is happening right ?!Sayang i dekat you tak pernah hilang and tak akan pernah hilang ><I wont forgetabout not even a little sense of forgetting :")Just be happy and i want to see that >< #Behind my smile you'll never know the tears cried. Behind my silence you'll never know the words left unsaid.'