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Half DAY :)
Thursday, July 7, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

hello hello my baby bloggie , hari aku pergi sekolah but setengah harii jea == sebab apa ? sebab aku muntah ' blood ' lagii hari nih , haiyooo sakit oh mak macam ni , haha :) im to tired and maybe im to stress :) stressssssssssss because of what ? hmm about him i guess . hey awak , im sorry for everything and i hope you have forgiven me :"( i hope we can be friends like last time :") maybe its all my fault because im the only doesnt understands you right ? hmm , okay cool nevermind leave it :) grr , oh dear sick its to painfull that im having you with me :(  when are you going away ? please , it hurting me alot and alot . sangat sakit tahuuuuu , hampir beberapa hari ni aku asyik muntah ' blood ' jeaa. why am i too weak ? i cant be , can i have you beside me ? i mean someone whos gonna care for me till i live <3 im suffering but i still get to saaaaaaaaaaaay IM OKAY :)