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A letter
Friday, July 15, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

I read on of this tumblr and i saw this :") Do understand it yea guys <3

A letter for you.
Hey, you…
When I met you I liked you from the first look at your photograph. Your eyes were the first thing wich took my attention at that time. Its shape contrasted with your mouth but everything was harmonious to your skin color.
I can’t lie. I fell in love with you so quick. I had a broken and painful heart and when you came to me, it seemed to be the person that I was always looking for.
Every single day I spent with you was very important to me. Day by day you used to show me that every wound can be healed. All we need to do is to have patience and confidence… and love.
But what is love? I still don’t know.
When I thought I could finally feel what love is like, I fell down like I’ve never fell before. You can’t imagine what I felt when I heard you say those hard words.
I never knew what is to love. But I know, better than anyone, what is to live in pain. You reminded me what it’s like.
I don’t know if I’d like to see you again, or talk to you. Unfortunately I can’t be friend of who has hurt me before. It’s like to take my heart away and never bring it back.
You may say that I’m the only one to blame. That’s ok. I know that I’m not. And another thing I know is that I’ll never ask you again to stay. You don’t deserve to be with me.
My life is not over, despite the pain. It’s just beginning. It hurts, but it’s just another level I have to pass away. Time will heal the wounds you gave me.
I’ll follow my dream and I’ll make it come true by myself. And in the future when you’re alone you’ll find out what you’ve let slip through your hands.
Maybe you’ll feel a little like I felt when it happens, but when you realize it, it’ll be too late. And I hope your heart don’t break up, because you’re not stronger than me to get up and move on.
That girl who was never yours.