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Too weak :')
Tuesday, July 5, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Immmmmmmmmmmmmm to weak to face everything !
Semalam aku hampir ke dunia lain #lossing my breath .
Sebab apa ? sebab aku terlalu stress sangat , i cant be quite for a moment.
Im to damn lonely , but i can still live with an empty heart .
He scold me , and i got in to dificullty in breathing at lasst ==
Im so sorry , i really cant take you of my mind , its okay if im sick aslong your not :)
Im tryiing to forget about us , about our friendship and other stuff but ><
Im tryin im trying but i cant !
Please dont ask me to forget about me , i really cant because i have my own reason ==
Your happy then im to , if your sad then im too !
Just be with her you want , im okay with it :') 
Goshh , it hurt my chest alot . Let it happen whatever it was :")