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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Should i let go eventhough your not mine ? 
Should i should i ? 
Gossssssssh , sumpah perit , sakit semuaaa ada lah siak !
Why should i fall in love with you ? 
Why should i care for you ?
Why should i be with you where ever you go ha ?
Why ? Damn its paining inside here !
I won't show it to anyone because they can't really feel what i feel RIGHT FUCKING NOW!
Sumpah sakit , what can i do then ? 
Just be patient ? But till whennnn doe ?! 
i really have to let you right ? Hmphhhhhhhhhhhh !
Speechless !! 
I can understand but when you can understand about me ? 
Nevermind live your own way:)
#but what can i do right now is smoke and cry :')