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Toy !
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

I guess imma toy fer youu right ? 
Am i damn stupid to fall in love with you ? 
Am i ? Im a toy for you becayse you can play with my heart huh ? 
Did i ever done that you ? I never did even onceeeeee ! :( 
You treat me as friend but i treat you more than a friend so it means im stupid ><
Why is all this happening haaaaaaaaa ?! FUCKKKKK !!
I'm so stubborn eventhough everyone ask me not to fall for but i did 
I'm so stubborn to do everything you need !
I'm so stubborn till i get sick just because of you !
I'm so stupidddddd right ? So so soooooo ! Why am i like this ?!
Is it wrong to fall for you ha ? Is it ? Hmph ><