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Fake Relationship ;)
Friday, October 14, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]


 Hell yeah this is what i LIKE <3 Thnks 
Hello chickoss ! Wanna know whos this , well this is ayul , he is my froster brother . I called him shorttie ;) Wanna to know soomething else ?His my fake partner , jyeaaah ! We hade this relationship in facebook and that is totally fake yo ! Let me tell you something about him here , he is in his form3 small huh ?! But he doesn't looks like one at first i thought he was same age as me ;) Hihi , but nehh he was smaller than me :)His kindda cute haa , hell yeah he is <3 So read this yea dik , i wanna say sorry at first because you let me to became your fake partner and second thank you so much , hell yeah im happy for your answer to my question ;) THANKYOUSOMUCHshorttie