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Monday, October 3, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Hayyyyyy u’olls ,
I been so bored these day because I can’t really online now , SPM trial is just gonna over and then the real exam is not more less than 1 month time more , pfft is really makes me stress out dhoo ! I know I didn’t do so well in my trial but I hope I’ll do better in my SPM soon , jyeaaah go NIK !
I wanna tell something here , act aku rindu someone siak ! Sangat okay rindukan die ! Its been weeks I haven’t seen him , no more contacts from him anymore , maybe he already have a girlfriend right ? That’s there’s no contact’s from him , hmm but nevermind as long he is happy with life like so do I’ll be to ;) Its been a hard week for me , but I have face it all by myself and mybe some help from the people around me maybe ;)
Eham-eham , I been seeing this skinny guy these few weeks , gosh rinduu gan die juga okay ! maklumlah budak hostel kan so kena tunggu masa free baru boleh keluar kann ! hahaha but I really had a great time with Amar , kesian die harituh turun Bandar sebab nak jumpa kawan-kawan die but dieorang busy dengan hal masing-masing , takpeee im here for you right ? Cehhhhh ! Eh tapi die cari juga perempuan yang die admire tuhhhh dho! Hmm poor me , siapalah nak kan ;) Chill lah okay ! i stil can live (maybe)