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Saturday, October 15, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

I guess got back from the klinik , hmm the docter told me that im weak . 
Its just because i've not eaten for a day , hmm guess what im crying all day long and i don't know why . 
im scared to fall in love seriouslly ;( Its enough for me to get hurt deeply for twice , hmm
Its paning inside but i gotta move on , how haa how ! ? I've been givving everyone a fake smile , i've pretending all these days, i've pretend that im okay but im NOT , not at all :(  Why should i face all these ?! I can't really bear it anymore , with my SPM is nearing and im trying to focus , but im not gonna mix up with my personal problems with studies right ? Study is study ! Brr , how am i gonna face all these fucking bullshit problems ?! Can i be strong enough to face this ? I guess i can but not for long , i wanna go somewhere far ,somewhere that noone could ever find me . Im so tired , im not well . How could i stay strong when i keep on thinking about what has happen , what has happen in the past ! I just can't believe that i really love that someone and he just walk away without thinking about my heart wish he has been hurting ;\ I know his happy with someone else and he might think that i would forget everything , no i've forget i single BITCH ! When could i ever get my happiness back huhh ! I can tolerate all this , but please don't hurt me even more ;\