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Monday, October 24, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Just got home ! Brr im tired , just now i went to ask for something i taught i will get but i just get dissapointment only nevermind just don't give up right ? Just move on in to something new baby ! Yeaah , that the spirit <3 After i went to DCM i went to my god mother's house ;) When i went there , i feel so relieved nothing i have in my mind till a call me told me that i've got what i want ! OMG i wass freeking happy man !Yeaah , imma gonna do my best in that day <3 When i was chilling at my GM's house i , i watch some ghost movie's seriouslly it freaks me out ! But fun , because we watch all together , hihi maklumlah cerita hanntu kan sampai sorang- nak pegi toilet pun takut , hihi . Well i just got back , and suddenlly i got this pain , god its damn pain and im standing it :( Pleease be okay !