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Im not feeling peacefull :(
Thursday, December 1, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Goshh , kenapalah harini macam-macam jadi. Sumpah aku tak tahan doe , im feeling restless. Im likekaa a person who has lost control of the remote control car. Aku tahu aku banyak buat salah dengan kawan-kawan aku tapi friends i love you guys so very much. Aku tanak hilangkan kau orang for serious even my family. This two world is to important for me than any others. Even aku ada problem walau sekecil mana aku tetap cari korang kan? So please don't backstab me or anything others. Please , aku kawan dengan korang ikhlas , sangat ikhlas. Hati aku cukup hancur dengan perbuatan yang lepas i have you guys and my parents in my mind. My fucking tears can't stop till i came back from my work. Macam-macam aku dengar and even masalah aku bertambah, oh GOD. He only knows how long i've been strong to face all these facts and i don't know till when i could ever survive with this pain in me.I've kept all the pain in myself i just can't burst it just i liked because it might hurt people's feeling and i don't want that really. Pleaseee !

                                        lIoveyou gedik thanks for making me smile :') Kbai.