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Afiq Aiman (:
Thursday, May 24, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

Macam takde gambar lain :) 
I like picture the most.

    Hi ehem ehem , kay nak cerita ni. This guy is trying to steal my heart.He is only 16 yeah i know his younger than me. So? Nevermind , i just can't give up in love right ? Why don't i try to love who is LOVING me to (: Daripada aku tunggu orang yang aku tak pernah nak hargai diri aku better aku hargai orang yang sedang sayang aku kan :) Here we go , his name is Afiq Aiman , i prefer calling him Afiq. His mix malay chiness (:

   Hey boy , you are trying to steal my heart , i hope when im yours , you'll keep me safe. Not fool me around please , that is all i want from you. Not much just being honest , i don't really care about you age. Its just number of us (; The only thing that i really really want from you is being beside me whenever i need you and i'll be doing the same thing to you kay ? I will be whenever , or wherever you need me. I promise i'll. xx