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Sunday, February 27, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Heyy sayanggggggggggggggg . You want to know something ? i just hate if we keep on fighting , urghhh ! you said to me that we can still go on , okay i will give youu a second chance . but if ur still the same , i'm sorry sayang , i know u love me . but i just can't see it . haihh , just know when you on call with me you cried , you said ' baby , i love you more than my life even we're still new in this relationship ' okay , i trust youu . please don't break this trust yea . i hope you will change . sayang , you know what i really happy yesterday bcause you wore me that chain in front of everyone , and my friends told me that you was so sweet . but you make so pissoff right later . haihh . i so tired of these saayngg . you made me till i'm out of MOOD you know . hmmm , you know that i LOVE youu , but please showw me some respect okay sayang .  

                                                                                                             p/s : iloveyouu biyy