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Why is THAT !
Saturday, February 26, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

hey handsome ! 
i guess if you read this i guess you know who right ?
great , why can't i stop thinking of youu ha ?
when i open ur FACEBOOK or BLOGGER , i start missing you alot ):
hey dude , you want to know something ? , 
i'm totally in love with youu , 
i know that i'm not totally perfect for you . 
but i just want you to know that i LOVE you no matter what. !
we may not in a relationship , but we're still friends right ? 
i want to have you but you don't want , so i just can't force you right ?
only i know how much it hurt's , i just want to see you happy .
but i can't make it because i'm not PERFECT at all ):