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Saturday, July 30, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Guess what , i remembered about something , about him ><
Just now i was watching tv then i just check my phone because i was damn bored !When i'm bored i'll read his message over and over again and this time i cried when i read it ><Why did i cried ? Because once he told me *kalau satu hari nanti saya dah takda , apa awak akan buat?*Ohgossssssssssh , only GOD know how i feel when he text me like that ! I can't really accpt what he told me ! You know why ? Cause i'm farkinggggggg madly into you laaaaah ! I understand why you send that text its because of my fault to right ? That time you're still in a relationship with her and i told my friend about what she has done to you and when you get to know you send that text to me right , actually there are more but that words of your's make me so dowwwwn :"| Okay i wanna ask you is it wrong to FALL IN LOVE with you ?!! I know you told me not to wait for you but i don't why i can't stop thinking about you ! ><' And the best part i know you do still love her but i dont know if she does to , i guess maybe she does to right ? I read something about her and i found out maybe she is still loving you , #maybeeee futhermore your recent status she has commented right ? Hmphhh :") Eventhough you're not mine i just hope one day you will be happy ever :)