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What is wrong with you ?
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Omaigot , what on the hell is wrong with youuu ? 
Do you know that i'm so damn worried about you ? 
Do you know i've been calling you like hell ? 
Do you know how i feel and what i'm doing now ? 
Sumpah penat dengan cara awak tapi saya tak akan penat menyayangi awak .
Awak tolonglah angkat call tuh , sekurangnya bagitahu lah masalah awak .
Janganlah buat saya risau , please ? Bila saya risau saya tak akan buat apa-2 or makan apa-2
Because ? Im worried of you lahh , 
tapi even awak buzy sekali pun sekurangnya satu call awak akan angkat .
But ni ? Adoii , please pickup the call ! 
You told me that you'll follow me to go and see the HARRY POTTER movie , 
but will it happen tomorrow ? You did online 3 hours before 
but why my call even one you do not want to pickup ><
Did i do something wrong ? Okay if i did , i so sorry . Please don't do this to me :(
Im waiting for you'r text , i know im not yours to care , 
but atleast just give a text so that i know you're okay :")