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Monday, August 22, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

                    Working-working , lama gila brr tak la lama sangat , hee tak update belog kesayangan gituu kan :) I spending my time in working now ! So that im not stress in thinking other things :) I love my job yo ! Simple as i wanted , haha <3 Btw you wanna know something  imisschu so much :) But i cant tell , i will never want you to know :') I thought that i will never see you again , but then i suddenly i saw you when i was driving :') I wanted to stop but im sacred you would want to hop in :') Its okay , i heard you're falling in love again ? Thats great to hear about :') You have move on and your heart is open for a new relation :') But you sacred right ? Why should you be ? You should be brave and trust yourself la gemok ! I bet you can right ? Please try :/ You cant just sit there and see the love comes right ? Go go go gemok you cann okay ! I have trust on you :) Be happy in your coming days !