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Semasa kerja :)
Monday, October 31, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Some photo's of my working time <3

Hell yeah my work is done ! Tapi aku rasa keberatan tinggalkan kerja aku , i kindda like my work :) Hihi , fun tau ! Wanna know why ? Because there is kak SU , T , Watif , Brenda and Monica <3 Dieorang sporting gila , tapi kalau dah diseebut kerja kiteorang SERIOUS . LOL ! Haha , betul apa tak kanlah masa kerja pun nak bergurau-gurau kan? Hihi , i had alot of fun in this 4 days :) I came to know how work will be ! Hihi , and thanks to Miss Jo to give me and myra a chance for working in DCM :) Well at first we didn't really expected we will get , but then yes we did get the job and we'all really enjoyed our job <3 I kindda sad when yesterday i really have to leave the work because of my SPM , but just now the HR called me and ask when could i start back my work , and i tell her afta SPM <3 Jyeaaaaaaaaaaaah , cool haa ! Me love me work <3