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Friday, October 28, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Yess it is indeed an hopeless romantic ! 
i was into you like speechless but all i get is some craps ! WHAT ON THE HELL ARE THINKING ASSHOLE ?! i wanted you so much , i wanted to be with you so much , i wanted to love you like i never did before but all had burn out ! I could never have a real love a true fucking love man ! Whats is the problem ?! I change , i can accept you in anyways but why can't you haa why ? Because im not pretty as others ? And that's the main thing you wanted with be is just for FUN ? FUN ehh ? Funn kepala otak kau ! Kau tahu tak , aku dah lalui banyak hal , banyak sangat masalah sampai aku rasa nak pergi jauh tapi kau tak boleh ke nak faham aku huh ? Susah sangat nak faham hati perempuan ? Just because you we're into man ? Stupid ! You're stupid seriouslly ! Hey idiot listen here I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU okay ? I moved on because i know you were there for me and not like the others but i find out you exactly like the others :) Thanks for your kindness :) Well now let anything happen i would give a damn anymore ! im gonna concerntrate on my job and my studies :) Gudebye <3