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Aku Bukan TOMBOY
Sunday, November 20, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Scha Alyah

Today's topic is about ' aku bukan TOMBOY the movie ' haha. Cool topic haa? Okay here we goo , yesterday me , my teacher and my classmates when to have our lunch at the Pizza Hut setia. Its near to my house later around 2 we move to cityaquare because my teacher haved booked tickets for the movie aku bukan tomboy.

      At first i though the movie was boring so i just followed. When we reached CS , i and my friends and teacher when to level 5 to buy the tickets :) We bought 12 ticket whooaa thats a row of us (: Hahah the movie was at 3.20pm. Afta bought the tickets we waited for the light room 2 to blink and so afta 20 minuts waiting soon the lights had blinked.Yeeayyyyy its time for the movie. When i entered the was already started. Psstt but its okay it just the starting. 

     Mannn , from the movie starts till the end i end up laughing. Scha Alya was so so cute when she dress as a girly type as so she was a tomboy or she not --' Err nehhhh, Syamsul Yusof was so like MR BEAN haha an to forget the best actor of mine Sazzy Sam , he was so awwww. Hahaaha the movie was 1 hour and 30 minuts. So around 5 something we came out. Mannnnn i enjoed the movie very very mushh :3 Thank you friends and teacher. I would ever forget this last year moment :3 

                                                                                                      imisschu #A , kbai