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Everything spoiled.
Friday, June 1, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

Hi bloggie. 
Hm , i think im so hasty in doing things like relationships;)
You know the guy i talk about Afiq? 
Hm well he told me he want's me but at the end , lol it only full of lies i guess :( 
I call he wouldn't pickup , text no reply , wanna met , there always something he's up to.
Hm nevermind i'll stay calm. No one is to be trusted these days right?
And one more thing  , my dearest bestfriend dumped me.
Sumpah sedih siak dengan cara dia. Sangat sentap.
Okay i know it was my fault but i said sorry right?
Why can't you forgive and forget ? I can when you do me some kind funny attitudes.
Tapi bila tiba aku kau tak boleh maafkan , hm swear it's hurting very much doe.
Okay then if that way makes you happy then i'll be to kay ;)
Take care bestfriend. Hm