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Time to blog !
Sunday, July 8, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

Hi people! Yeahhh i really miss blogging much...Sorry im  to buzy working these days , I guess around 1 month i haven't upadated anything ;) Btw i got alot of stories gotta tell..    
       Firstly about FL , he WAS my crush only was not now because he is gonna get engaged with someone else.Like seriouslly can't he see that im there for him all the time ? He'll be always talking about him him and him ....When i talked about me , he'll just advise like im already fulled! Hello mister can you stop being selfish? Every time you talk about you and you can't see that im there for you when you fall ill. Even you told me you got wet in the rain. okay maybe you're doing this is because you don't me to fall for you but why can't you gimme a chance? Just a chance? Not much..... It really hurts when everytime you talk about someone you love or whatsoever.. hm nevermind , not so long you'll be own sincerelly by your future wife;) Be happy kay?   
        Secondlly im working now! Erghh too much buzy with my work. It's fun but the worst part is i haven't get my salary! I need shopping. Pokai doh bulan ni seriouslly...I NEED MONEY ! haha no joking real game. Haha. Tapi kan hm aku sangat tak suka bila kerja pun ada je orang yang hasat dengi satu sama lain. Haih really lemah part macam tuh , hope everything will go well ;) xx   
         Kay peopless , that's all for to night.. Genight bogeboge <3 xx