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New life and I'm happy with it :*
Saturday, September 22, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]



     Hi bloggie. Oh i miss you ... i miss typing with you :* I got so much of stories to share with you. Okay firstly , after 3 months single and now im own by someone , yeayyyyy. Okay enuf , his name is Saifuddin bin Shukry.And there he is ;) Yeah that is him. He is emmm gonna be 18 , yeah we are same age XD but but there's a bit of problemo , and it is about distance ;) He is staying in Malaysia , Kuantan and that is in Pahang ;) So , rather than calling ourself couples we yet calling our relation as a long distance relationship. 29/7/12 is the date. We do bbm , text , call , tweets and chats all the time :) We knew each other from Twitter , yah maybe its awkward but we end up loving each other :*

    Dear baby , im so happy since you came. You're so kind , lovable , jealousy and a super cute boyfriend you know? Aumm , i glad that you're happy to whenever we're together eventhough we are far. Distance is not a excuse for us. You said you'll be meeting me soon , okay i gotta be patience so as you baby. Okay?
Sayang , for now i have you. You just complete my life. I have God , parents , siblings , bestfriends , friends and You <3 

   I am happy to have you. Bye past life hello new life. I'm living it as a queen. xx