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A day with LOVE (:
Thursday, November 17, 2011 0 typ'ng[s]

Baby boy , if i ever had you , till is what im gonna tell, 
I'lll keep you safe in my arms , 
I'll aprieciate what ever you gave of done for me , 
I'll will be just by your side even in bad time nor good times :)
I would be a choosy person because this is LOVE there's only bitter, sweet </3
You is all i need darling , nothing much i'll ever ask to you.

I wanna have good and bad times with you , just like nowhere you show me love (':
 You'll love me and keep me safe in your arms too. 
Just like in the picture above. You'll never now how will i treat you babyboy.
 You'll be the most most important life for me.
Nothing much , nothing much just than love that you'll give me.
Hey boy , i'll not trouble you i just want to be beside you. 
Thats is all i need :')

                                                                    Just feeling. xx