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Saturday, September 22, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]


New life and I'm happy with it :*



     Hi bloggie. Oh i miss you ... i miss typing with you :* I got so much of stories to share with you. Okay firstly , after 3 months single and now im own by someone , yeayyyyy. Okay enuf , his name is Saifuddin bin Shukry.And there he is ;) Yeah that is him. He is emmm gonna be 18 , yeah we are same age XD but but there's a bit of problemo , and it is about distance ;) He is staying in Malaysia , Kuantan and that is in Pahang ;) So , rather than calling ourself couples we yet calling our relation as a long distance relationship. 29/7/12 is the date. We do bbm , text , call , tweets and chats all the time :) We knew each other from Twitter , yah maybe its awkward but we end up loving each other :*

    Dear baby , im so happy since you came. You're so kind , lovable , jealousy and a super cute boyfriend you know? Aumm , i glad that you're happy to whenever we're together eventhough we are far. Distance is not a excuse for us. You said you'll be meeting me soon , okay i gotta be patience so as you baby. Okay?
Sayang , for now i have you. You just complete my life. I have God , parents , siblings , bestfriends , friends and You <3 

   I am happy to have you. Bye past life hello new life. I'm living it as a queen. xx

Time to blog !
Sunday, July 8, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

Hi people! Yeahhh i really miss blogging much...Sorry im  to buzy working these days , I guess around 1 month i haven't upadated anything ;) Btw i got alot of stories gotta tell..    
       Firstly about FL , he WAS my crush only was not now because he is gonna get engaged with someone else.Like seriouslly can't he see that im there for him all the time ? He'll be always talking about him him and him ....When i talked about me , he'll just advise like im already fulled! Hello mister can you stop being selfish? Every time you talk about you and you can't see that im there for you when you fall ill. Even you told me you got wet in the rain. okay maybe you're doing this is because you don't me to fall for you but why can't you gimme a chance? Just a chance? Not much..... It really hurts when everytime you talk about someone you love or whatsoever.. hm nevermind , not so long you'll be own sincerelly by your future wife;) Be happy kay?   
        Secondlly im working now! Erghh too much buzy with my work. It's fun but the worst part is i haven't get my salary! I need shopping. Pokai doh bulan ni seriouslly...I NEED MONEY ! haha no joking real game. Haha. Tapi kan hm aku sangat tak suka bila kerja pun ada je orang yang hasat dengi satu sama lain. Haih really lemah part macam tuh , hope everything will go well ;) xx   
         Kay peopless , that's all for to night.. Genight bogeboge <3 xx

Everything spoiled.
Friday, June 1, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

Hi bloggie. 
Hm , i think im so hasty in doing things like relationships;)
You know the guy i talk about Afiq? 
Hm well he told me he want's me but at the end , lol it only full of lies i guess :( 
I call he wouldn't pickup , text no reply , wanna met , there always something he's up to.
Hm nevermind i'll stay calm. No one is to be trusted these days right?
And one more thing  , my dearest bestfriend dumped me.
Sumpah sedih siak dengan cara dia. Sangat sentap.
Okay i know it was my fault but i said sorry right?
Why can't you forgive and forget ? I can when you do me some kind funny attitudes.
Tapi bila tiba aku kau tak boleh maafkan , hm swear it's hurting very much doe.
Okay then if that way makes you happy then i'll be to kay ;)
Take care bestfriend. Hm

Monday, May 28, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

I miss having someone beside me like always.
I miss everything. 
I need someone , im so jelly to see my friends hm.
So so jelly even party nina pun aku sorang hm.
Hey you , what is all i need is just your attention , and be whenever i need you.
That's it.

Afiq Aiman (:
Thursday, May 24, 2012 0 typ'ng[s]

Macam takde gambar lain :) 
I like picture the most.

    Hi ehem ehem , kay nak cerita ni. This guy is trying to steal my heart.He is only 16 yeah i know his younger than me. So? Nevermind , i just can't give up in love right ? Why don't i try to love who is LOVING me to (: Daripada aku tunggu orang yang aku tak pernah nak hargai diri aku better aku hargai orang yang sedang sayang aku kan :) Here we go , his name is Afiq Aiman , i prefer calling him Afiq. His mix malay chiness (:

   Hey boy , you are trying to steal my heart , i hope when im yours , you'll keep me safe. Not fool me around please , that is all i want from you. Not much just being honest , i don't really care about you age. Its just number of us (; The only thing that i really really want from you is being beside me whenever i need you and i'll be doing the same thing to you kay ? I will be whenever , or wherever you need me. I promise i'll. xx

The Phone

Kay i really want this phone :)
Actually i really admire you so much. 
Hm bila lah nak dapat ni kan? Bersabar-bersabar and bersabar.
I wish i would get , hm